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Production graphic for "Spy in the House of Men" with images of Penny before and after transitioning.



Penny Sterling's hilarious and poignant show "Spy in the House of Men: A One-Woman Show With Balls" is now available for showcases, festivals and other events!  Penny's stories of how she spent the first 50 years of her life in hiding, and the joys and tribulations of living her authentic life have captivated audiences from Washington to Minnesota! 

In "Spy," Penny talks about her life in ways that are sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignant, but always relatable. "I know that lots of people have questions about what it's like to be transgender," says Penny, "and there's lots of information and misinformation out there. I believe that by telling my story, I can help people understand what it means to be trans a little better, and show them that I'm really no different than anyone else--apart from my tendency to overdress for most occasions."

Sterling's Talent is in subverting expectations while garnering a lot of serious laughs!

City Beat, Cincinnati OH

Sterling brings to the stage a story just as fun as it is dramatic!

DC Theatre Scene

Sterling has a knack for lightening dark moments with humor, for revealing truths without veering into corniness.

Minnesota Star-Tribune

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