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I'm in This Coffeeshop, See?

Updated: Feb 10, 2018

I'm in this coffeeshop, see?

And I'm supposed to be writing the story of my life

Because that's what I want my life to be

I want my life to be the story of my life

Written and rewritten and spoken and applause

Reaching people who wonder why or

Think they know or want to know or just like jokes and tears

Because that's the story of my life

But I'm not.

I'm staring at her. I'm peering over my mac staring at her

Peering at her mac

She seems nice

She sits with friends or coworkers or both

Eyes on the screen

Fingers absently twitching

Mugs of coffee cooling

And I want to walk up to her and say

Excuse me, but why?

I was at that table a while ago

There was a man there

And we were talking

About art and toasters and pencils and creation

Of art about toasters using pencils and it was

Engaging and exciting

Creativity discussed giving me the energy

To go back to my mac and

Write more about the story of my life

But you came through between me and him

With your mac and your coffee and your friends

Excuse me sir

Is all you said

To the person with the coffee

And the lipstick

And the earrings

And blood red nails

And serviceable tits

In the boots and leggings and tunic in the greys and maroons

Of the modern woman

And I was so enthused

About pencils and toasters

And art and the story of my life

That it didn't hit me until I sat down

Excuse me sir


The man gave you his table

Because he was one and you were many

Wandering around this coffeeshop, see?

Looking for a table

And he left

He seemed nice

But you stayed

And instead of writing about the story of my life

I tap tap tap and erase and tap

I peer at you over my mac

And want to ask you


What is it about me

That makes you think I want

To be called sir

But I don't

And that's the story of my life

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